MRI Locations & Wait Times

The purpose of this page is to give health care providers easier access to information on MRIs in the Champlain Region. Specifically, the aim of this page is to help providers direct their patients to the MRI site with shorter wait times.

The Champlain LHIN’s goal for these services in the region: from the point the physician orders the MRI scan, 90 per cent of people receive their scans within the following targets:

  • Urgent: 2 days
  • Semi-urgent: 2-10 days
  • Elective: 28 days.

If you are a person seeking MRI services, you must to consult with your doctor or nurse practitioner. Please note: the LHIN is unable to arrange MRIs for people. This is done through a referral process with each person’s doctor or nurse practitioner.

If you are a health care provider with questions about this data, please contact Bruce Libman (, 613.747.3211, or toll-free 1.866.902.5446 x 3211).

MRI Sites

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MRI Wait Times, by location

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Wait Times

This data excludes inpatient and emergency cases. It includes urgent, semi-urgent and elective cases.

More details are available through the Ministry website.