Mental Health & Addictions

The Champlain is working with providers across the region to integrate mental health and addictions services.

The goals are to ensure:

  • People receive better coordinated care across multiple providers
  • People will be able to find the services they need more easily, through centralized points of access. 
  • All providers use common screening and assessment tools so people receive more streamlined care across multiple services. 
  • Youth will be able to easily transition to adult services. 
  • A stronger partnership with primary care providers so they are equipped to connect their patients to the services they need.

Linking Primary Care with Mental Health and Addictions Resources

When caring for people who need mental health and addictions services, primary care providers in our region have identified two main issues: knowing what supports are available, and how to navigate the health system to find those resources.

To address these concerns, the LHIN developed a resource map, below, with input from the Champlain Primary Care Advisory Council. Part of the LHIN’s efforts to engage with primary care providers, the Council advises the LHIN on primary care strategies for health system improvements.

The LHIN will continue developing these pathways in its recently established sub-regions.

Primary Care Resource Map for Mental Health and Addictions Services

** This map identifies key access points that can connect you to care partners, but it is not an exhaustive list. More comprehensive resources are available through www.champlainhealthline.caRegarding patient care: if s/he already has a connection to a care partner, you may connect directly with them. As well, if you know which specific service the patient needs, you may refer directly to that service. **

Resource Map

For more information on Mental Health and Addictions, please contact Kevin Barclay ( or 613.747.3228).