Champlain Sub Region Map

Late in 2016, the Champlain LHIN Board of Directors approved sub-regions as an important way to achieve the LHIN’s mission of building a coordinated, integrated and accountable health system for people where and when they need it.

While Champlain residents may get health care wherever they need it, focusing on smaller areas to plan health service delivery makes sense: our region is very large, and health needs vary among people living in different parts of our region.

With the goal of improved patient and client health outcomes, sub-regions are the focal point for integrated health service planning and delivery to:

  • Focus on the health needs of people who live within sub-regions and improve equity within and among sub-regions
  • Increase the use of local community resources and knowledge. Each community understands the health needs of the people who live there, and the services they need
  • Engage patients, clients and caregivers to ensure that the work of each sub-region meets the needs of the people who live there
  • Improve access to care by working with health service providers in each sub-region to respond to local issues.

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If you have questions about your specific sub-region, please contact your respective LHIN Sub-Region Director:


LHIN Director



Western Champlain

Kevin Barclay

Toll-free 1.866.902.5446 x 3228

Western Ottawa Shaundra Ridha

Toll-free 1.866.902.5446 x 3254

Central Ottawa Eric Partington

Toll-free 1.866.902.5446 x 3216

Eastern Ottawa

James Fahey

Toll-free 1.866.902.5446 x 3215

Eastern Champlain
Nathalie Gilbert

Toll-free 1.866.902.5446 x 3278

If you have general questions on planning in Champlain sub-regions, please contact James Fahey (, or 613.747.3215 [toll-free 1.866.902.5446 x 3215]).