The Champlain LHIN's health system planning and funding functions are now part of Ontario Health, a government agency responsible for ensuring Ontarians continue to receive high-quality health care services where and when they need them.

Improving Access to French Language Health Services

Access to quality French-language health services directly impacts the health of Francophones. In Champlain, that means it affects nearly 20 per cent of the population.

The LHIN works to fulfill this need as part of its vision “healthy people and healthy communities supported by a quality, accessible health system”, and its responsibilities under the French Language Services Act and the Local Health System Integration Act

Since 2010, the LHIN has worked in close collaboration with the French Language Health Services Network of Eastern Ontario (Le Réseau), the French Language Health Planning Entity for the Champlain and South East LHINs. The goal is to ensure that health service planning reflects the needs and priorities of the Francophone population.

Designation Basics

Under the French Language Services Act, health service providers (Providers) can acquire designation, which is official recognition that the Provider offers services in French. Designation is a means of meeting the population's French-language service needs through capacity-building, supporting guaranteed and permanent access, and establishing quality standards for French-language health services.

Providers can go through a Ministries of Health and Long-Term Care application process to acquire one of three designation statuses: full, partial, and identified (to seek official designation). Providers with full designation offer all of their services in French. Those with a partial designation offer some of their services in French. Note that some Providers that are not designated offer some of their services in French. Click here to find Champlain LHIN-funded providers, including those that provide services in French.