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All Providers

Community Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit

In addition to the LHINs obligations for community engagementLocal Health System Integration Act, 2006 also mandates health service providers to engage their communities.

The LHIN Community Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit is used by all Ontario LHINs, and is intended as a guide and resource for Health Service Providers in planning their community engagement activities.

Cross Sectoral

(applies to two or more sectors)

Directive on LHIN Logo and Name Use - 2015

Providers who hold an MSAA, or an LSAA with the LHINs must be aware of Article 9 within their SAA, which stipulates acknowledgement of LHIN support in all promotional and marketing publications. This directive was prepared to help streamline the process for Providers so they are aware of when to seek LHIN approval for the use of the LHIN name / logo, while abiding by the terms of their SAA.

Community Financial Policy - 2015

Adult Diabetes Program Policies and Procedures Manual - 2015

Guidelines for Community Health Service Providers Audits and Reviews - 2012

Supply Chain Guidelines - 2009

Community Care Access Centre

Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive - 2011

Interim Contract Management Guideline - 2008

Procurement Policy - 2007

Procurement Procedures - 2007

Interim Contract Management Guidelines for CCACs for School Health Support - 2006

Community Health Centres

CHC Requirements - 2013

CHC Guidelines - 2013

CHC Model of Health and Wellbeing - 2013

CHC Model of Care: Statement of Principles - undated

Community Support Services

Ministry Protocol for Approval of Agencies to Provide Community Support Services - 2012

Assisted Living Services for High-Risk Seniors - 2011

CSS Complaints Policy - 2004

Policy and Guidelines for Screening of Personal Support Workers - 2003

Attendant Outreach Service Policy - 1996

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Supportive Housing Implementation Guidelines - 1994

Mental Health and Addictions

Joint Policy Guideline for the Provision of Community Mental Health and Developmental Services for Adults with a Dual Diagnosis - 2008

Admission Discharge & Assessment Tool for Ontario Addiction Agencies (link)

Crisis Response Service Standards - 2005

Intensive Case Management Service Standards - 2005

Assertive Community Treatment Standards - 2004

Ontario Withdrawal Management Standards - 2004

Sessional Funding Guidelines - 2004

Operating Manual for Community Mental Health and Addictions - 2003

South Oaks Gambling Screen - 2003

Admission & Discharge Criteria - 2000