Request for Interest:

Improving Access to Inter-professional Primary Care Teams

The province has committed additional funding to improve access to inter-professional care in under-served areas across the province. The Champlain LHIN is anticipating additional funding to support this initiative in 2018-19.

In anticipation of this opportunity, the LHIN is issuing a Request for Interest to select primary care provider(s) capable of improving access to inter-professional primary care teams.

Interested primary care providers are asked to respond to the Champlain LHIN, providing the information requested in the Request for Interest, below. Using the gathered information, LHINs will identify lead proponents to expand or establish an inter-professional primary care team.

  • Please inform the Champlain LHIN of your intent to submit a Request for Interest by November 8, 2017
  • Respondents are asked to submit their information by November 15, 2017.

Request for Interest (Word document)