The Champlain LHIN's health system planning and funding functions are now part of Ontario Health, a government agency responsible for ensuring Ontarians continue to receive high-quality health care services where and when they need them.

Primary Care Provider Engagement

Effective primary care is essential to a high-performing health system. Well-integrated, primary care can achieve distinct health, service and system goals simultaneously.

With the exception of primary care services provided through LHIN-funded community health centres, LHINs do not have formal funding authority for most primary care models. However, engaging primary care physicians is paramount to achieving improved linkages between them and the rest of the health system. One example of this kind of engagement includes the Champlain Primary Care Congress.

Primary Care Congress 

Primary Care Congress 2015The Champlain LHIN's Primary Care Congress is an annual engagement and knowledge-exchange event.

Primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, specialists, and other providers come together to participate in learning sessions.

Results from the Congress help inform our planning for health system improvements (see the most recent reports, below).

The event is organized and supported by the LHIN and the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine Office of Continuing Professional Development.

Congress Reports

More Information

  • For more information on primary care physician engagement, please contact Marcia Gibson (, or 613.747.3266).


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