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On this page, you will find the combined, alphabetical listing of all the resources provided on the patient engagement pages [1) through 6) in the navigation pane].

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This collection of links is intended to support patient/client, caregiver and family engagement efforts. In most cases, clicking on the links will redirect you to third-party websites, or resources housed on third- party websites. These links are for information purposes only, and not meant to be exhaustive representations of all available content or services. The inclusion of these links does not imply endorsement by the Champlain LHIN. Please contact the individual organization for more information about their resources.

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Resources by Stages of Engagement

1) Getting Started: Self- Assessment & Readiness

Resources for health care providers, organisations or networks beginning their engagement journey, or moving into a new area of engagement.

2) Ingredients for Successful Engagement

Overview of patient  /client engagement - various strategies and approaches.

3) Recruitment, Recognition, Retention, Evaluation

Resources to support different aspects of working with volunteer patient / client advisors and representatives.

4) Toolkits

Examples of larger toolkits and / or workbooks to guide you through steps of the engagement journey.

5) Community Engagement

Examples of guidelines and strategies for engaging communities, particularly diverse communities and specific populations in health.

6) Patient / Client Feedback

Examples of, approaches to, and support for incorporating patient/client feedback in the engagement process.

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