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Sep 2018 - The Ontario Environmental Scan provides an overview of a number of key characteristics of local populations, services, utilization, and health impacts.



  • LGBTQ+ Report

Nov 2018 - The LGBTQ+ Health and Health Services in Champlain compiles the results of a scan of existing evidence about health inequities and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ communities, focusing on the Champlain region.

  • Sub-Geography Population Health Profiles & Data Snapshots

Oct 2017 - The Champlain LHIN and health system partners - including public health, hospitals, and community health-service providers - collaborated to develop helpful data for each Champlain LHIN sub-geography.

The result of these efforts, the Sub-Geography Health Profiles Report, provides key indicators that impact the health of Champlain LHIN residents. The report provides baseline information to help identify each sub-geography's strengths, challenges, needs and supports priority-setting and planning.

To see the full report, executive summary and sub-geography snapshots, please refer to the right column of this page.

If you have general questions about health-service planning in Champlain's sub-geographies, please contact James Fahey (james.fahey@lhins.on.ca, 613.747.3215, or toll-free 1.866.902.5446 x 3215).

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  • LGBTQ+ Report - 2018

LGBTQ+ Health and Health Services

  • Sub-Geography Health Profiles - 2017

Population Health Profiles Report - Executive Summary

Population Health Profiles Report  - Technical Document

  • Sub-Geography Data Snapshots - 2017

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