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The Champlain LHIN’s mandate is to ensure health services are well-organized, appropriately funded, and meet the health needs of the 1.3 million residents who call this region home ...

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    2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Updates and information

    French Language Health Services

    French Language Health Services

    Providing high-quality health services in French is a priority for the Champlain Local Health Integration Network ...


    PPE and Swab-Kit Supply Info

    PPE and swab-kit supply information-hub for providers in Ontario Health East ...

    MHA Support

    Mental Health and Addictions

    We work to ensure people with mental health and addiction challenges are able to manage their symptoms early ...


    Indigenous Health Circle Forum

    The Champlain LHIN works in partnership with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities and agencies to improve the health status of Indig...

    Leadership Team

    Leadership Team

    We are led by a dedicated team of senior leaders with extensive expertise in their respective areas of specialty ...

    Champlain HealthLine

    Champlain Healthline

    Your best source for information on publicly-funded health and community services in Champlain...


    Long-Term Care Home Finder

    Use this Ministry of Health search tool to find long-term care home names / addresses, number of beds, and number of non-compliances found in each hom...

    Personal Support Worker

    Personal Support Worker Opportunities in the Community

    Are you looking for work as a personal support worker in home and/or community settings? ...