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Eleven thousand years ago, the Champlain Sea covered most of what is now the Ottawa Valley all the way to the St. Lawrence...

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Proposed Integration Decision

Extended We need your feedback by Jul 31, 2016! Proposed integration de...

Popular Topics

Popular Topics

Senior Care, Mental Health & Addiction Services, Regional Programs, Diabetes & Other Chronic Conditions, Technology, Wait Times

Integrated Health Service Plan 2016-19

Our Strategic Plan

Integrated Health Service Plan for 2016-19 describes the LHIN’s strategic priorities and actions for the local health system ...

Patient / Client Engagement Resources

Patient / Client Engagement Resources

This collection supports efforts to engage patients / clients, caregivers and families in the design, planning ...


MRI Wait Times by Location

Easier access to info related to regional MRI...



Champlain Health System Performance and Accomplishments...

Ch Health Links

Health Links

Bringing providers together to improve coordination of care for people...

Champlain HealthLine

Champlain CCAC Health Line

Your best source for information on publicly-funded health and community services in Champlain...